What is StarBelt?

StarBelt! – a trendy yet practical belt that comes in 14 different colors – perfect to match any outfit, activity or mood! It is one size fits most and you trim it to your fit your size – making it perfect for girls, guys and kids of all ages. Made in USA of a durable and waterproof material, StarBelt won’t fray, curl, curve or wear out at the buckle and is the ultimate belt for any sport – including running through the airport since its metal-free design won’t set off metal detectors. 



The StarBelt can be trimmed to fit any waist size up to 48”. The belt is 1.33” wide.  


StarBelt Care

StarBelt can be easily cleaned with water and gentle dish soap and air dried.


Made in the USA

With the highest quality standards and materials.


Sport Savvy

Whatever sport you are into – StarBelt fits right in! The waterproof and UV protected material resists water and sweat making it perfect for both winter and summer sports. Soft to the touch, StarBelt moves with you making it comfortable to wear when swinging a golf club or skiing the mountains. Fourteen colors with endless buckle combinations look perfect with any sportswear or uniform.


Travel Friendly

StarBelts are lightweight, durable and won’t stretch making them perfect for travel. With different colored interchangeable buckles you can have multiple looks without packing more than one belt. Also StarBelts are metal free meaning typically you do not have to remove them when passing through a metal detector.  The durable, soft material is comfortable to wear for long flights and will keep its shape and size.


Environmentally Friendly

All StarBelts are completely recyclable. The plastic box they come in is also recyclable or can be re-used for many different things around the home or to keep the belt in for storage or travelling. No animals were harmed in the making or testing of StarBelt and the belts are vegan. 


how to size


  • Place the buckle through the middle hole of the belt.

  • Wrap the belt around your waist to get the appropriate length. Make a small mark on the inside so you know where to cut. Leave some length to spare as it is easier to trim more if necessary.

  • Cut the belt with scissors on the square end, not the end with the buckle holes.

  • Insert the cut end of the belt into the buckle and clamp it down.

  • Insert the cut end of the belt into the buckle and clamp it down.

  • Undo the buckle and try the belt on for size. If any trimming is needed redo steps 1 - 4

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